Why Buy This Product?
Brazilian carnauba wax.
Cleans and protects.
Enhances a deep wet shine.
Improved level of protection.
Signature warm carnauba wax look.
Spreads easily by hand or machine.
Shields against harsh UV sunlight, pollution, water spots, bugs, birds, and more.

About Slick Finish
Chemical Guys Slick Finish Cleaner Wax is the perfect wax to clean and protect any color vehicle. The natural Brazilian carnauba wax creates a brilliant shine and provides durable long-lasting protection. The cream wax is formulated with advanced micro-abrasives that clean paintwork and remove light swirls, stains, and imperfections. Slick Finish Cleaner Wax restores the original beauty to any color paintwork. The cream wax formula cleans and protects in just one easy step. Micro-abrasives and cleaners easily remove oxidation, minor imperfections, and light swirls in seconds. Slick Finish Cleaner Wax is safe for clear coat and conventional single-stage paintwork. Brazilian carnauba wax protects the surface with long-lasting durability, and optical gloss enhancers reveal impressive shine and color. Slick Finish Cleaner Wax repels water, dirt, pollution, brake dust, and stains. Easily apply by hand or machine to achieve a super slick shine. Apply a second coat to protect and enhance any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV. The innovative cleaner wax eliminates multiple detailing steps with just one product. The versatile formula enhances and protects glass, metal, and painted surfaces against staining, spotting, and pollution. Give your car a show winning shine in less time with Chemical Guys Slick Finish Cleaner Wax.


Why buy this product?
Chemical resistantpressure sprayer.
Brings the convenience of a pressure sprayer without the hassle of big machinery.
Spray nozzle features a 360 degree turning radius
Equipped with a stabilizing “apron” to ensure it won’t be knocked over easily.
Large capacity of 1.5L

About this product
The Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer is a chemical resistant pressure sprayer designed with the toughest chemicals in mind.

Constructed with thick, durable plastic Viton seals and a polyamide material are used in the pump design, ensuring the life of your Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer lasts as long as you need it. Many solvent based cleaners can be damaging to your skin and clothes. That’s not to mention the damage it can do it sprayers and bottles that aren’t meant for such harsh chemicalsKwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer are specially designed to work with these chemicals.

Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer features a 360° adjustable spray nozzle, helping you get in those hard to reach areas. The plastic tip of the Kwazar Venus Super Compression Sprayer Pro is solid made which ensures there wouldn´t be build up product into the tip. On the bottom of the bottle you find a stabilizing apron which ensures it won’t be knocked over easily.


Why Buy This Product?
15mm throw for very good polishing – results.
Due to the excenter / orbital drive there is hardly
any risk of damaging any painted surface.
Removes safe and fast; wash – marks, scratches,
swirls and many more paint – imperfections.
880 Watt Power.
Cruise Control.
Budget – friendly.
For professionals and enthusiasts.

About this product
The No Swirls! XTREME S15 DA Polisher is the evolutionary big brother of the known No Swirls! XTREME S08 DA Polisher with a larger throw for more and faster performance on professional paint correction.

Developments are going fast in the autodetailing – industry. After the well – known rotary – buffer the DA – Polishers in 500W and 880W made a big step forward and opened many perspectives of what all can be done with “only” an orbital polisher. In the last 2 a 3 years (we’re now in 2016 when we’re writing this) we saw a few hybrid – polishers which took the best from the rotary – buffer and orbital – polisher in an own and unique concept. These polishers combine the power of the rotary – buffer to remove scratches and swirls and the orbital movement of the DA – polisher to finish light compounding – scratches and marring to deliver bright, scratch – free and swirl – free results.

This last generation of hybrid – polishers is getting more affordable and we are proud to present you our No Swirls! XTREME S15 DA Polisher.


Why Buy This Product?
No mess and easy-to-use.
Premium soft foam for even product spread on vinyl, rubber, and textured plastic surfaces.
Hex Logic grooves spread product more evenly and efficiently than flat foam.
Dense comfort foam grip doesn’t absorb product, dirt, or grime.
Keeps fingers and hands clean and dry.
Saves product, saves time, saves money.
Ideal for applying a coat of any tire shine, dressing, or plastic protectant.

About This Applicator
The Easy Grip Applicator Pad combines a comfortable base handle with soft Hex Logic foam to spread the perfect coat of any tire shine, dressing, or plastic protectant. The soft applicator pad easily cleans and spreads a thin, even coat of any Chemical Guys premium protectant dressing on rubber tires, plastic bumper panels, engine bay components, or trim found all around any vehicle. Normal applicator pads are made with porous foam all the way to the handle. After a few uses, products seep to the grip and get all over the user’s hands. The Easy Grip Hex Logic Applicator Pad uses a dense core foam grip that does not absorb any creams, liquids, or gels. This simple design keeps products off the fingers, and adds a stable base for comfortable and precise product spread on any car part. Use the Easy Grip Applicator to shine and protect road tires, low profile racing tires, door trim, mirror covers, or bumper and engine bay parts. Quickly restore a deep black shine to any vinyl, rubber, or plastic parts. Moisturize sun-bleached parts to rejuvenate a factory-fresh black shine. Choose The Easy Grip Soft Hex Logic Applicator Pad for comfortable, easy, and precise application of any Chemical Guys dressing or protectant.


What’s Included?
(1) Carbon Flex C9 Protective Trim Coating (1oz / 30ml).
(1) Durafoam Coating Applicator Block.
(2) Micro-Suede Applicator Towels.

Why Buy This Product?
Protects plastic, rubber, and vinyl trim.
Restores deep black shine.
Rejects water, dirt, dust, and moisture.
Anti scratch technology.
UV solar protection.
Thermal heat barrier.
Restores factory appearance.
Advanced coating lasts up to 36 months.

About Carbon Flex
Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating is the ultimate restoration and protection coating for plastic, rubber, and vinyl trim. The advanced coating system restores the natural appearance of trim, and provides durable protection through all weather conditions. The innovative trim coating uses super hydrophobic technology to repel water and moisture from the trim surface. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating is formulated with UV protection to prevent trim from fading and discoloring. Trim pieces will look new again with Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating. The durable trim coating bonds deep into the surface for maximum protection. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating provides impenetrable protection for your trim in all weather conditions. Protect your vehicle’s trim in extreme desert heat and bitter winter cold. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating repels dirt and grime to preserve your vehicle’s appearance. The durable trim coating protects against stains and water spots. Perfect for restoring plastic mirrors, bumpers, and door trim. Works great on rubber tires for a shine that lasts for months. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating restores a factory appearance back to any interior and exterior trim. The clear protective barrier in the ultimate protection against all road conditions. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating utilizes revolutionary bonding agents for the highest level of protection on textured plastic, rubber, and vinyl. Once trim is coated using Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating, the surface will have a like-new appearance for months. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating finishes dry to the touch, and repels dust. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating bonds at the molecular level to create a hardened coating that helps resist scratches and scuffs. Experience the next level of trim protection technology with Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating.


Why Buy This Product?
Detail brush for interior and exterior dusting and heavy cleaning.
Scratch less brush uses soft boar’s hair and plastic parts that won’t damage paint.
Rust-proof design uses no metal in the brush’s construction.
Chemical resistant boar’s hair bristles stand up to all Chemical Guys cleaners and degreasers.
Dense-packed bristles stand up stiff to brush out dirt and grime.
Ideal for getting into any hard to reach areas.
Great for interior and exterior cleaning and detailing jobs.
Ideal for cleaning around door jambs, body trim, badges, grills, wheels, lug nuts, engine bays, cup holders, etc.
Convenient hanging loop for easy storage between uses.

About This Brush
The Chemical Guys 1-inch Boar’s Hair Detail Brush is truly the “Best Detailing Brush” you will ever buy. Chemical Guys designed and developed the full synthetic brush with the detailer in mind, and perfected it to a premium level. The Best Detailing Brush delivers the durability, accuracy, precision, and versatility needed to clean the filthiest, most delicate, and hardest to reach surfaces, nooks, and crannies. Genuine boar’s hair bristles ensure no surface, including paint, get scratched or marred while you clean. The durable all-natural hairs are chemical resistant and work with every Chemical Guys cleaner and degreasers. Easily clean brake calipers, wheel crevices, emblems, grilles and grates, buttons, cup holders, and engine components with the Best Detailing Brush. The thin profile and long handle makes it easy to clean any interior or exterior spots where dust and grime collect and hide. The bright plastic handle and ferrule construction removes any metal from the equation, saving sensitive surfaces from scratches and the brush from rusting over time. When dirt, grease, and grime give you a hard time, scrub them away for easy cleaning with The Best Detailing Brush.


Perfect for large equipment and accessories like polishers, extension cords and brushes.
Manufactured from high quality Nylon that is stitched and assembled solid.
Inside the Detailing Bag XL you can keep your cabinet organized and all-in its place.
It is chosen to be completely black so possible wear and stains while in use don’t damage the optics that much.
The extra strap to carry the bag over your shoulder is adjustable to fit your size.

About this product
Sometimes you just need more space… and now it is possible. The Detailing Bag XL is equipped with several pockets inside and outside where you can stock small gear like applicators, towels and brushes. Inside there is enough place for your favorite dual action polisher and / or rotary polisher including extension cords, polishing pads and many more detailing items.

Besides the tools and accessories the bag also holds many 473ml / 16oz and / or 946ml / 32oz bottles for your polishes, glazes, waxes and paint sealants.

The Detailing Bag XL measures L x W x H = 42 x 24 x 23 CM

Now it’s time to get your Detailing Bag XL, pack it up with your favorite products and take it on site to do some detailing.


Quantum Hex-Logic Buffing Pads manipulate physics to deliver better polishing results.

Red Quantum Finishing Pads have no cut, and are perfect for spreading final sealant and wax coats over sensitive painted finishes. Use the Red Quantum Pad to spread the perfect coat of cream sealants and waxes like JetSeal or Butter Wet Wax over freshly-polished paint finishes. The new Quantum design represents a great leap forward in polishing pad technology. Innovative new foam polishing pads smoothly transfer power from the polishing machine into paint while minimizing heat, wear and tear, and user fatigue. High endurance Quantum pads are designed for dual action polishers, long-throw orbital machines, and high speed rotary buffers. Quantum Hex-Logic Pads combine new pad geometry with tried-and-true Hex-Logic grooves to ensure maximum coverage, enhanced cooling, and fast and efficient work. R&D fitted the new Quantum pads with a more durable and breathable hook and loop interface plate for a stronger bond that conducts heat away from the machine and pad. The precision-cut Race Face creates a gradual tapered profile to spread out compression from the user’s hands and reduce wear and tear on the foam pad. Improved manufacturing techniques, adhesives, and materials ensure that Quantum Hex-Logic Pads last longer for better polishing results job after job. By understanding the physics of polishing, Quantum Hex-Logic engineers extended the lifespan and efficiency of Quantum polishing pads by adding a Precision Port vent hole. Venting the pad where it spins the fastest reduces torque stresses on the material and channels heat away from the hottest part of the pad. Quantum polishing pads come in the full Hex-Logic color spectrum, so there’s a Quantum Pad for every compounding, polishing, and finishing job on any vehicle. Pick up the new Quantum Hex-Logic buffing and polishing pads for a polishing experience that changes everything..

Buffing With Physics: Pads Designed To Take The Heat

Traditional buffing pad designs can’t take the physical stresses from polishing. Regular foam pads are prone to failures in the hook and loop backing system, internal foam breakdown, and burning and melting from high speed rotation. While old school rotary polishers spin on one axis and create even stresses across a buffing pad, modern dual action machines spin and oscillate and create extra stresses and strain. With dual action mechanisms oscillating between 2mm and 26mm, extra friction and torque strain on the foam can be immense. Quantum engineers designed the new buffing pads with a Precision Port center-cut hole to reduce stresses and heat buildup in the center of the pad. The pad’s center experiences the most torque stress and heat buildup, so venting the pad there eliminates the greatest tearing forces and heat that destroys pads and machines. New hook and loop backing material channels in fresh air through vented TORQ backing plates, and cools the polishing foam and machine polisher at the same time. Traditional foam pads have a recessed step-down profile from backing pad to foam buffing side; this design ensures the backing plate never touches the vehicle, but it is prone to wear from heavy-handed user input on the buffing machine. Quantum pads use a gradual Race Face tapered profile for one unbroken line from backing pad to foam buffing surface; this design spreads out any forces from the user pressing down on the machine and saves the pad from excess wear and tear. Quantum buffing pads are designed to be the best polishing pads for any professional or enthusiast detailer.

Fastest Acting Pads To Date

Machine polishers use controlled friction to gently remove damaged paint and expose a perfectly smooth and shiny surface.

The combination of buffing pad, machine speed, and polishing compound affects the amount of heat generated, and how much paint is cut away. The all new Quantum polishing pads are engineered and designed to generate the safest and most efficient cutting power on today’s powerful dual action and high speed rotary polishers. Quantum Pads cut quickly to remove deep defects, swirls, scratches, and oxidation, then refine the finish to restore gloss, reflection, and shine to any color paint finish. Traditional buffing pads can generate too much heat when used incorrectly, which harms paint finishes and destroys the pads themselves. Quantum Pads use advanced backing material to draw in cool air through vented backing plates, a Precision Port center hole to dissipate excess heat and torque forces, and tried and tested Hex-Logic grooves to spread product evenly and draw in fresh air as the pad rotates. The bowed Race Face profile increases buffing surface area and spreads buffing forces evenly across the backing pad for reduced strain and wear and tear. All these features deliver the fastest foam pad cut while reducing excess heat and torque tearing concerns. Quantum polishing Pads are the new standard for foam polishing pads on today’s newest and fastest buffing machines.

Keep Your Pads Clean

Pads need to be cleaned after every use to ensure that your pad will stay clean and long lasting.

We have various products available to help you keep your pad clean so you pad can continue to deliver superior results. Our Polishing Pad Cleaner and Rejuvenator will clean, restore and prolong your buffing and polishing pads. The ergonomically designed Foam Pad Conditioning Brush scrubs wax and polishes out of the foam and restores its original texture. Also available for optimal results is our Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer which cleans and dries all types of buffing pads on virtually any machine in seconds.

Heavy Cutting Medium Cutting Heavy Polishing Light-Medium Polishing
Light Polishing/Finishing Finishing Ultra Light Finishing Polishing Pad Cleaner



Why buy this product?

Ideal for scraping all oxidation and contamination from glass surfaces.
Made of hiqh quality stainless steel.
Equipped with a solid handle for maximum comfort.
Get stickers and glue – residu easily removed.

About this product

Do you also have problems when removing stickers from glass and windows?

Or they don’t come off completely or you have a lot of extra work when removing glue – residu etc… Then this Glass Scraper will make life easier for you. All stickers, vinyl rests and glue – residu will come off easily and fast without damaging the glass surface.

The knife in the Glass Scraper does not scratch the glass when it is in an almost flat position on the surface, on curved surfaces you need to work gently.
We also offer replacements knifes for the Glass Scraper, click here or browse the website for more information.

The Glass Scraper and Chemical Guys Glue & Label Remover work perfectly to remove dealer – stickers, stickers from toll – roads, Windowfilm etc etc…
For the finishing touch we advise to wipe after with the Chemical Guys Glue & Label Remover on a Green Workhorse Microfiber Towel (click here for the complete kit).



The most fundamental step before any detailing is washing and cleaning the vehicle’s surface from dirt, debris, bugs, and road grime. Chemical Guys 3-Way Premium Wash Mitt takes washing the vehicle to a whole new level! The 3-Way Premium Wash Mitt is a perfect washing medium because it’s a combination of super plush micro-chenille wash mitt, mesh bug sponge, and an ultra-plush microfiber backside. Three is better than one!

3 in 1 Wash Mitt

One Way
This premium wash mitt’s plush micro-chenille pampers the paintwork and holds on to all the soapy suds from the wash bucket for a safe, swirl-free wash. The superior micro-chenille noodles safely lift and trap the loosened dirt & debris deep into the strands rather than being rubbed against the exterior paintwork causing scratches and swirls.

Two Way
The side mesh bug sponge provides extra scrubbing power for the annoying bug guts and the nasty road tar.

Three Way
On the backside of the premium 3-Way Wash Mitt you will discover a side of ultra-plush microfiber for the really tough dirt and grime that needs the extra scrubbing power more than the micro-chenille in the front.

The Chemical Guys 3-Way Premium Wash Mitt offers the convenience of everything being integrated into one mitt. Don’t ever let a bit of bug and tar take the joy of washing your car away from you using the 3-Way Premium Wash Mitt.

How To Use:

Recommended Maintenance.
Wash with Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash.
Always use medium gentle setting when using washing machine.
Always wash separate, to ensure they remain lint free.
Do not use fabric softener – it will reduce their static properties and cause the microfiber to clean/spread less effectively.
Line/air dry or machine dry on low setting, separately from other laundry.