With the Detailing Trolley XL you can simply stock your favorite polishes, towels, applicators, machinery, pads and all your other products. It is such a handy item to carry with you when you work around cars. The Detailing Trolley XL is special developed for the detailers who like an organized workspot. With this trolley you can simply keep your products and tools together.


3 Layers
The Detailing Trolley XL is partitioned in three layers. Use the top layer for the regular 16oz./473ml bottles and smaller detaling tools like brushes, applicators etc. To be sure that your products will not fall over, you can order the additional Detailing Trolley XL Antislip Mat. Just below the top layer you find a draw that can hold smaller products, accessories and devices you like to keep out of sight.

The middle layer is perfect to store all your detailing towels. There is enough space to store three stacks of the Workhorse Towels and Monster Edgeless Towels. By doing this you have always enough towels with you to complete your detailjob properly.

The bottom layer is equipped with two doors and a lock. Here you can store perfectly the expensive detailing tools like your polishers and for example your Tornador Classic Z-010.

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