Perfect for large equipment and accessories like polishers, extension cords and brushes.
Manufactured from high quality Nylon that is stitched and assembled solid.
Inside the Detailing Bag XL you can keep your cabinet organized and all-in its place.
It is chosen to be completely black so possible wear and stains while in use don’t damage the optics that much.
The extra strap to carry the bag over your shoulder is adjustable to fit your size.

About this product
Sometimes you just need more space… and now it is possible. The Detailing Bag XL is equipped with several pockets inside and outside where you can stock small gear like applicators, towels and brushes. Inside there is enough place for your favorite dual action polisher and / or rotary polisher including extension cords, polishing pads and many more detailing items.

Besides the tools and accessories the bag also holds many 473ml / 16oz and / or 946ml / 32oz bottles for your polishes, glazes, waxes and paint sealants.

The Detailing Bag XL measures L x W x H = 42 x 24 x 23 CM

Now it’s time to get your Detailing Bag XL, pack it up with your favorite products and take it on site to do some detailing.

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